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Terms and conditions

“Special order” Defined:
An special order is anything that has been specially ordered for you. Special order items are considered
Merchandise chose through the catalogue or showroom in different color, sizes or requirement.

Special order:
All special order requires a 50% deposit (nonrefundable) before the order will be processed. This 50% is NOT transferable to other merchandise. The customer must purchase the special order merchandise. If the customer fails or refuses to purchase the seller shall keep the deposit money as liquidated. SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS ARE NOT RETURNABLE, AND NOT REFUNDABLE.

Sales merchandise:
All purchase of sale merchandise final. No return, AND NOT REFUNDABLE.

No cancellations are allowed in special orders items. Cancellation on any other purchase cannot be cancelled after 24 hours following placement order. A 20% handling charge may be imposed for all approve cancellation at our discretion so as to indemnify seller against loss. Cash, Credit or Finance purchases can be applied to any other merchandise selected except when it involves special orders.

Delivery Time/Terms of Delivery:
-All reasonable efforts will be made to carry out prompt delivery of de merchandise; however, seller cannot guarantee the time and day of delivery. No Checks will be accepted at time of delivery. In case Customer fails or refuses to pay C.O.D.  The Customer will be responsible to pay an additional fee for any subsequent deliveries.
-Customer must assume full responsibility for dimensions and measurements of delivery area. Issues such as entry space, stairs and measurements of area where the furniture will be place are the full responsibility the customer. And additional cost due to circumstances of delivery will be billed to costumer.

Lay-Away Policy:
Layaway order has time limit of 90 days. All merchandise shall be fully paid for within this 90-days period.  Cancellations of layaway order will be subject to the usual 15% handling charge and up to the discretion of 360 Decor.  All layaway payments are no refundable, and item(s) will no be held in stock until 90% of the entire purchase price has been paid. Payment in full may be made at any time and every effort will be made to have your entire order ready and waiting for you upon receipt of final payment. However, if the order is paid earlier it is possible that some or all of the items will need to be ordered may take to maximum of 90 days to arrive.

Storage Charge:
Merchandise to be picked up Customer will no be excess of 5 days from the day on the agreement. The customer will be charged an additional fee of 20 dollar a day for storage the said merchandise should customer fail to picked up on the agree date.
When a delivery-date have be agree on purchaser and seller and a delay is occasioned by the customer, the customer shall be responsible for a storage for each day after the 5th day from the originally agreed delivery-date.

Nonconforming Merchandise:
In Order to effectively process claims of any nature, customer should report claim in writing upon receipt of merchandise. The failure of customer to comply with these conditions shall constitute irrecoverable acceptance of the goods by customer. Damage noted after delivery will be responsibility of the customer and no returns or exchanges will be granted.

Order Confirmations:
Out Order Confirmation is final and binding and any subsequent changes are subject to our ability to conform and are dependent upon factory approval.

Title of Merchandise:
Customer acknowledges that all materials, equipment, goods, and other property sold or supplied hereunder shall remain the personal property and title Thereto shall remain vested in 360 Decor until the purchase price have been paid in full.

In Event of a defect, merchandise is warranted only to the extent that the particular manufacturer provider a warranty.  Fabrics are not warranty, against fading, abuse, improper cleaning techniques and/or ordinary ware and tear.
Merchandise sold “AS IS” and all floor sample are no covered by this warranty or any warranty, expressed, implied, or limited by either Home Image Furniture. or the manufacturer. This warranty not cover damage to the product or merchandise caused by the customer, including normal wear and tear caused by regular use, abuse caused by moving or personally transporting the merchandise, improver use, commercial use, negligence    
In its care, discoloration in the fabric or material caused by the sum or other causes, alterations, unauthorized repair, improper cleaning methods, or glass, mirror or marble breakage.

Collection Fees And Expenses:
The Purchasers agrees to pay all cost of collection, including attorney fees in the event this invoice is placed with an attorney for collection whether suit is brought or not.

Effect of unconscionability-Modification of unconscionable clause:
If a by clause of this agreement is held to be unconscionable by any court of competent jurisdiction, the clause in question shall be modified to eliminate the unconscionable element and as so modified the clause shall be binding on the parties.  The remaining provision of this agreement shall not be affected by the modification of any unconscionable clause.
“Unconscionable” shall be deemed to mean that the enforcement of the entire agreement will work oppression or cause unfair surprise to one of the parties.  Unconscionable shall be determined as of the time when the agree is made, but shall not be deemed established either by the fact that the agreement subsequently prove disadvantageous to one of the parties or by the fact that one of the parties has bargained power superior to the other.

Important Notice To The Customer:
Any sale financed with one or more finance companies is direct contract between the finance company and the customer.  The above terms may not be changed.  Any customer claim or form the finance company will be the responsibility of the customer and the bank.  Home Image (360 Decor) will not be responsible for late or lost payments to the finance company.